Natural Beard Balm

Natural Beard Balm

VAT Included

100% Natural Ingredients


A quality beard balm formulated with a blend that perfectly tames and moisturises beard hair. 

  • Cruelty free
  • Preservative free
  • Hair nourishing ingredients
  • Shiny, healthy, well-groomed beard




Shea Butter - This rich butter is incredibly moisturising, a skincare saviour for dry skin and hair. It delivers essential fatty acids and nutrients, providing intensive hydration and protection.  It literally is a superfood for your skin and hair.


Kokum Butter - One of the most emollient butters, Kokum Butter is enriched with healing and intensely moisturizing properties. It restores moisture to deeply nourish and soften dry skin, scalp and hair. Upon application, it melts onto the skin and gets absorbed easily, without leaving any greasy residue. Its light texture doesn’t clog the pores. It promotes strong roots, strengthens hair follicles for healthy hair growth and promotes healthy skin cells.


Jojoba oil - Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B & E, copper, and zinc. By moisturizing your beard, the oil reduces breakage, thereby eventually leading to a longer and fuller beard. Jojoba oil can help balance the skin’s naturally occurring oil – encouraging hair growth and balancing dryness. It also enhances the appearance of your beard, by conditioning it and making it easier to control.


Beeswax - The choice of beeswax in our products is to moisturize and style, beeswax contains a large quantity of vitamin A which helps to moisturize and lock in that goodness as well as tucking in stray hairs to keep you beard looking amazing. It also helps solidify the product.


Raspberry Seed Oil - This oil has unique balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acid and is high in Vitamin E which helps strengthen and moisturize the hair and scalp. Red Raspberry Seed Oil softens hair, prevents moisture loss and adds elasticity and suppleness, whilst also soothing skin problems.



Rub a finger on the balm in a circular motion until you have a small dollop on your fingertip. Work between palm and fingers until the product feels warm and has started to melt. Apply to beard, styling it into its desired shape in the process. For bonus points massage some balm into your skin, this will help with growth and ease any itch or dry skin beneath the beard.


For a soft, touchable-looking beard I highly recommend using a combination of beard balm & beard oil.


*Make sure to use dry hands and keep the balm away from water or moisture.